Friday, 23 October 2009

The October Issues

Words of wisdom from those in power this month...
"The words 'star' and 'icon' are tossed about rather carelessly these days."
Julie. L. Belcove, Editor, W Magazine, October 2009
"Fashion is Vogue's blood, but the connection between fashion and contemporary music grows ever stronger."
Alexandra Shulman, Editor, British Vogue, October 2009

"Christian Lacroix, in my view, led the way forward for the haute couture two decades ago by making it relevant and exciting for younger clients and for direction-watchers the world over."
Anna Wintour, Editor, American Vogue, October 2009

"It is London that leads the world in producing innovative designers and couturiers, and every year more talent streams from our colleges and universities."
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and Guest Editor, British Elle Magazine, October 2009
"The core desire to look out best is not negated by a decline in disposable income... Because it's not our vanity that keeps beauty relevant. It's our humanity."
David DeNicolo, Contributing Editor, Allure Magazine, October 2009

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